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January 15, 2018

Jacquelyn has been an absolute lifesaver. As I age, my body develops more limited range of motion and soreness. Dr. Lisa Orwick highly recommended that I work with Jacquelyn and I have been doing so weekly for almost a year. She is such a knowledgeable and talented masseuse well schooled in most every type of massage. If you need relaxation or muscle therapy, please do not hesitate to call Jacquelyn.

Karen Mercereau, RN, iRNPA Executive Director/RN Patient Advocates, PLLC


My husband & I have never had a massage until June 2012.  Because my brother raves about how wonderful they are, when I met Jacquelyn Reed at an event at the TCC, in Tucson, I decided to go for it.  So, I bought the massage package she was offering.  Little did I know what a great move that was.  With my husband grumbling about me "wasting our money", he resigned himself to using the treatments I'd purchased.  He went in for his first, second & third treatments before I got around to  my first. I've now had 2 massages and he's had 4.  I don't mind, because he needs them the most, but truthfully, I'd love to have one every week.  They're not a frivolous indulgent that only the rich and privileged can afford anymore.  They're for ordinary, everyday, regular people, like you and me. If I'd received massages with my chiropractic adjustments after my auto accident, I would've healed faster, with less pain, pills and expense. But, I didn't know about massages at that time. I can't think of anything more soothing, relaxing and therapeutic than a massage.  Got lower back pain? headaches? sore muscles? just want to feel spoiled, pampered and special?  Get a massage.  Let the stresses of life flee for a little while. The best move of all, and it was sheer luck on my part, was finding Jacquelyn.  She's a wonderful,  honest, talented therapist/healer.  Her years of training, her skills and knowledge are superb.  When you're laying on her soft, plush table, with the fragrant sheets pulled up over you, the lights dimmed low and that magical music playing in the background, you can't think of anything......except how blissful each moment and every stroke of her hands feel.  She always knows exactly which spots needs the most attention.  My husband and I've chosen the one hour massages, so far, but she does 90 minute ones too. Maybe one of these times,'s always an option.  .We get the Swedish massages mostly but yesterday I had a" head to toe". I loved it..  Jacquelyn's phone number is (520) 490-4543.  Her email address is   jacquelyn@balancedbytouc….  We highly recommend her services and are thrilled to be her customers.  You will be too.

Sincerely Yours,

Boyce & Sherry Lafitte
Tucson, AZ.


"Jacquelyn’s therapeutic massages were an integral part of my total knee replacement rehab. Her expertise and techniques worked very effectively with other members of my medical team". 

Doug Hockersmith, Tucson, AZ


"As a personal trainer my profession is dependent upon being not only in good shape but operating in good function.  Every day I am demonstrating movements for my clients and it is a point of pride that I do it well.  Since I train hard myself (for the love of sport), I am committed to promoting my recovery and staying healthy. Jacquelyn Reed, my massage therapist is a necessary part of my regime to stay in good function.  We all have issues or weaknesses, I call them hot spots, that need extra attention so they do not become chronic inabilities of limitations.  As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.  If you don't take care of those hot spots, then the body starts compensating in unhealthy ways.  Jacquelyn not only can find those spots, but she spends time and expertise in working them out, so that I can return to good function. In addition to being strong she is very specific and equally committed to her patients recovery.  I have weekly appointments with Jacquelyn to stay in the best shape I can, and my body tells me about it if I miss a week".

Anna Burchard, Personal Trainer
Sept.16, 2011

"I get massage from Jacquelyn, and she is the best. I've gotten massages from others, nothing compares to her magic fingers. I feel energized and relaxed every time I receive a massage from her. I recommend everyone to try it, it is the best".
Clarisa P.
Poker Dealer

"I have received therapeutic massages for the last 20 years, fairly regularly, Jacquelyn has strong, firm hands and a confidence in her ability that is amazing".
Keith Kiekebusch, White Mt's., AZ

"I received numerous massages playing poker and each one was better than the last. It's hard to concentrate when you can't keep your eyes open".
Dewon Day, Pitcher Chicaco White Sox, Mississippi

"The massages relieve my shoulder and back pain and help me sleep better".
Ott M.


"Jacquelyn has been helping me therapeutically with my tennis elbow.... I also benefit from her professional advice on how to treat my problem after the massage...Jacquelyn, I feel, builds a trust with her clients with her expertise".
Benita M.
Poker Dealer