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COVID 19 Protocols Must read


If you are looking to book a massage, please read the following regarding our COVID policy for our building. As well, you will need to select "Helpful forms" tab on this site and review, print and complete the COVID pre-screening form to ensure that this is a good time for you to receive massage. If all that checks out, you can book a one hour massage online, or give me a call and we can get you on the schedule. You will also need to print and complete an intake form. You can find that under helpful forms, or click this link

The COVID protocols our building implemented are still in effect. This protocol is not optional and applies to all individuals coming into the facility; no exceptions can be made. If you are not able to comply at this time, I understand, and will be ready to see you when circumstances improve, and it is a better fit for you. My goal is to keep everyone, including myself, as safe as possible and COVID 19 free.

·         I will be texting/calling you at your appointment time to let you know when I’m ready for you to come into the building. You need to provide a textable phone number.

·         No waiting in the lobby, please remain in your car until I contact you. Normally about 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

·         Remove gloves if wearing them, wash your hands, proceed to my therapy room. No gloves can be worn inside the building.

·        Even if you are fully vaccinated (** per CDC guidelines), you must wear a mask to enter the building. Once you are in my treatment room, you may remove your mask. 

·         The COVID 19 prescreening form must be completed, signed, and brought in with you. (or you can email it 24hr in advance).  It is available online through my website. under the tab “helpful forms”.  The form has been revised for you to provide information regarding your vaccination status. 

·         Payments. I now have Apple Pay, and contactless payment options. You may still pay by cash or check.

v  I will not be wearing gloves for the massage. CDC recommends only wearing gloves when administering massage to the face or head.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I think we all want to stay as healthy as possible and will work together towards that end.

Review the current COVID 19 prescreening form, print it, complete it, and bring it with you for your appointment. It is required for each massage appointment until fully vaccinated). If you don't have a printer, copies are available at the office.

 **CDC guidelines: fully vaccinated, two weeks after the second dose of Moderna/Pfizer or two weeks after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

Be Well, and see you soon!